The Arts and Health

You may think that a musician and a dancer visiting a Dementia Café or a hospital ward just means that everyone will be well entertained for a couple of hours by two talented artists… but at darts participation and unleashing the power of the arts to transform lives is at the centre of all we do.

Here we dare to be different, we try something new and we have a lot of fun whilst doing it. Our work is not about simply entertaining but engaging and allowing people to participate and contribute to their own creative experience. Our vision is a world in which creative approaches run right through the health sector, raising the morale of staff, transforming care environments and giving each individual a voice.

We aim to provide a safe and creative place where people can explore previous parts of their lives if they wish to, or develop confidence and coping strategies through new forms of self-expression. Individuals benefit from being part of a group and finding a new identity as, for example, film-makers or recording artists. We have witnessed lives being literally turned around as people unlock their potential.

We provide training for professionals and carers, exploring their own creativity and giving them new techniques and approaches for working with their clients.

We welcome partnerships with health professionals and the voluntary sector in this exciting area of work.

The arts and dementia...

A passion for engaging people and encouraging participation

A Life of My Own

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Unlocking Dementia

Artists use drama to help us understand more about the condition

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