Collections Exhibition

Local photographer James Mulkeen shares his inspiration for his latest photography exhibition, Collections, which is on show at The Point until Friday 3rd May.

Collections are everywhere.  All kinds of people collect all different things.  Some collect in a calculated and methodical way; others are more haphazard and disorganised. Children collect things… as do grandparents.  For some people, it’s a compulsion.  Collecting and collections in all their guises fascinates, obsesses and unites people.

I’m interested in what and how people collect. With the world at our fingertips at the click of a button, or a good rummage through a car-boot sale, we can find whatever we want to enhance our collections; that elusive stamp, the essential 12th identical Dinky toy or a rare comic.

I've met collectors with a real passion for their collection.  It's been fascinating to discover the ways in which those collected things play a role in their lives; taking them off exploring, taking them to work, or being used to create music or pictures that inspire both artist and audience.

This exhibition in the gallery at The Point is open Monday 11 March - Friday 3rd May. Entry to the exhibition is free.

Opening Times:

Mon & Fri: 10am-4pm

Tues: 10am-8pm

Wed & Thurs: 10am-9pm

Sat: 9am-2pm

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