Animals Galore! at Mexborough Montagu School

The animals of the jungle were the inspiration for visual artist Caroline Cullingford's session with pupils at Mexborough Montagu School. They set off together on a creative expedition to search out elephants, lions and giraffes. Caroline describes what happened next...

The school wanted to create ceramic work that would combine two year groups together for the project and chose a Foundation class (age 4-5) and a Year 4 class (age 10-11).

Pupils first took part in a jungle themed day, exploring the theme using all of our senses: Animal stories, sounds, patterns and textures. The children then made their own salt dough animal tiles, thinking also about the habitats they might live in and trying to find out which were the most popular animals!

This process helped the children to develop their understanding of how to create sculptural work and we created our own drawn designs of the animals we would eventually make. The school then selected their favourite animal drawings and we made three large ceramic tile pieces based on the chosen designs - an elephant, a lion and a giraffe.

Each pupil then made a clay tile in the style of the animal’s markings using tin foil mark-making for the elephant, jigsaw style pieces for the giraffe and garlic presses to create the lion’s fur. We also worked on weaving a giant grid to create a habitat for the elephant to be sited in.

Once the clay tile work had dried, I fired the work in a ceramics kiln, the children glazed them and then the tiles were fired again. I attached all of the tiles onto wooden silhouette shapes and the school have installed them in the foundation part of the school for all to admire!

To see more pictures of the children's work, please click on the photo album on the right.

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