Drama artist Layne Harrod joins the darts team
Layne in action during a recent show.

We are delighted to welcome Layne to our core artist team at darts. As well as performing herself, she uses drama as a tool to make the most of the interests, skills and abilities of the people she works with and has lots of experience of working with children, young people and adults.

Here's more about Layne in her own words...

I’m from London but have been living in Leeds for two and a half years now. Prior to moving to Leeds I had been travelling and working abroad in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, China and many more. I moved to Leeds to complete my MA in Theatre and Global Development at The University of Leeds. I enjoyed life ‘oop norf’ so much that I decided to stay. 

I first got into drama when I was at secondary school. I had two wonderful drama teachers; Richard and Judy Cordery. They were both actors and often performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company as well as playing various television roles. They organised a number of theatre trips for us to go on including Stratford Upon Avon where we were privileged to meet the actors after the performances and ask them questions.

My teachers were so passionate that their enthusiasm for drama was infectious. They were a great inspiration to me and encouraged me to join a youth theatre where I started to perform in a number of productions. I grew in confidence and felt that I had found something that I really enjoyed.

At 16 years old I was accepted to attend the BRIT School of Performing Arts and the rest is history. I continue to enjoy performing myself but I absolutely love using drama with different groups of people in many different ways.

As a drama artist I use theatre as a social tool with many different groups of children, young people and adults in various contexts. I devise new work alongside participants as well as directing plays from texts. I am a passionate practitioner and a keen motivator of others. I make the most of the interests, skills and abilities of the people that I work with and help to shape their ideas into quality products. In my workshops and projects I may use stimulus ranging from full masks, poems, stories, images costume and props. 

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