darts patron Rosie Winterton visits The Point
Rosie joins the WEA maths class at The Point which teaches maths skills that adults can use in everyday life.

Rosie has been talking maths with a group of adults attending the WEA's maths class at The Point. The course teaches practical maths skills which can be applied to everyday situations such as helping children with maths homework or working out how many rolls of wallpaper you need to decorate a room.

The WEA (Workers' Educational Association) gives adults a second chance to learn: making it possible for adults with few or no educational qualifications to gain nationally recognised qualifications with friendly support and encouragement. 

There are lots of courses on offer in Doncaster covering topics like:

  • Computers and the internet
  • Art, craft and design
  • Digital photography
  • Confidence building
  • Creative writing
  • Healthy living
  • Languages
  • Numeracy
  • Sports, leisure and recreation

If you are interested in finding out more, you can phone the WEA on 01724 844245, email: yhsoutheast@wea.org.uk or visit the WEA website www.wea.org.uk/yh