Who we work with

We work with the people of Doncaster... it could be the boy in a pupil referral unit, the teacher striving to work more creatively, the dementia patient and her carer, the adult looking for work, a young person in their own neighbourhood, or a child with disabilities, the list is endless. Please click below to find out more about what we are up to right now.

  • Children and young people with disabilities

    We create engaging sensory experiences for children and young people of all abilities

  • Right Up Our Street

    Find out more about our three-year action research programme to get more people in Doncaster taking part in arts activities.

  • Teachers and pupils

    The arts can help children acquire knowledge, gain skills and understand themselves and the ways they learn best. We are experienced in working in schools and have seen how powerful the arts can be time and time again

  • Using the arts to share healthy messages

    Innovative marketing campaigns grounded in local people's real life stories and experiences that arrest attention.

  • Communities

    In Doncaster's communities, artists are working with residents to tackle issues that may contribute to anti-social behaviour.

  • Adults

    Our artists use their skills to support adults facing challenges like looking for work or tackling mental health issues

  • Young People

    We use many artforms to engage with young people wherever they gather. The arts allow us to explore issues such as alcohol and drug misuse, anti-social behaviour etc in a safe non judgemental environment.