Daisy’s darts at 30 story

A woman and her child. The child is pointing at a piece of paper.

To celebrate 30 years of improving life, learning and health in Doncaster, we’re sharing our favourite stories from people who have taken part in activities with darts or at The Point.

Here’s a wonderful story from Daisy Watt, a budding artist who attends workshops at The Point.

Through the sales of her paintings, Daisy has raised almost £50,000 for cancer charities.  

She was inspired to use her talent in this way when both her Granny and Grandad (on different sides of the family) were diagnosed with cancer at a similar time.  

Fundraising in this way helped Daisy to understand the illness much better, as well as being able to inspire others through her beautiful, vibrant paintings.  

Daisy uses flowers in her work to represent different stages of cancer and each painting features daisies, also representing the artist herself. 

Her Granny told her that forgetmenots turn into stars and twinkle when they’re gone.  

Daisy paints forget-me-nots in her paintings to show the lasting memories of those who have passed away, and daffodils to represent those who had lived with cancer, but are recovering. 

Daisy has been coming to The Point and getting stuck into creative activities with darts ever since she was a baby.  

Art Adventures, led by professional artists for pre-schoolers and their parents or carers, engaged very young children in a range of creative experiences, offering the chance to experiment, play and learn together.  

Since then, Daisy and her family have been to every single one of our Tuesday Art Club sessions for young people age 8+ 

She says that coming to The Point and working with darts artists has played a big part in developing her artwork:  

“It has made me more confident and given me lots of ideas – we don’t do much art at school.” 

Daisy won an Achievement in the Arts award for her wonderful paintings – an award won previously by author, Matt Haig, the Kaiser Chiefs and Clare Teal. 

“I was really nervous about going up on stage and was worried about winning.” Daisy told us ”. When they said my name, I felt embarrassed!”  

A girl holding a trophy with a star on it.

Daisy’s beautiful glass trophy, with a star on top, now sits proudly on the windowsill at home.

We run lots of creative activities for young people where they can be inspired, learn new skills and have fun! 

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