Ian McMillan’s darts at 30 poem


‘The Bard of Barnsley’ Ian McMillan has written a wonderful poem to celebrate 30 years of darts!

You can read his fantastic work below:

Where Everybody Is

Here is a place

Like a beating heart

Where life is lived

To the tune of art

Here is a place

Like a rising sun

Where it always feels

Life’s just begun


When I look back

Over thirty years

I see faces smiling

Mouths wide in song

Hands and paper

Dance together

darts reverberating

Like a beaten gong;

And that’s the point

Of a space like this

And the other spaces

Where people meet

And work together

To a making beat

In rooms that breathe

Creative air

In rooms that make

Creative weather:

We are all human

And this place strives

To remind us all

How to be alive.

When I look back

Over thirty years

I remind myself

There is no doubt

We are inclusive

No-one’s left out:

Everybody in the borough

In every single part

Can be an artist making

From the heart

Telling the stories

That must be told

And that’s why darts

Does not grow old:

The warmth of art

Does not grow cold.


Here is a place

Like an open mind

Where you look inside

And what you find

Suggests a future

Build round this:

Sublime, transcendent.

Oh, call it bliss.

‘Cos darts is a space

Where everybody is.


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