Rebel Daughters: silent auction

Rebel Daughters Silent Auction

Rebel Daughters, our exhibition celebrating 100 years since the first women got the vote, closes on 7 April.

However, one of the featured artists, Shannon Langley, has kindly donated her work in order to raise funds for future exhibitions held here at The Point. We are holding a silent auction until 21 April. People can bid on any of the three pieces of artwork. All you have to do is download this form, fill it in with your own details and details of your bid, and email it to by 21 April.

The three pieces of artwork are photographic prints (as seen below) from Langley’s series Defying Conventions. They are inspired by the London Women’s March that took place in January 2017. The project is about subverting and going against female stereotypes, with the march images representing women supporting women whilst standing up for what they believe in.

The series was also inspired by today’s younger generation of females, who during the march were seen protesting against people known for misogynistic and sexist behaviour such as Donald Trump, suggesting that parents are raising their children to fight stereotypes in a society which expects women to conform to them.

Of donating her work for this silent auction, Shannon said:

“I have loved being involved in the ‘Rebel Daughters’ exhibition as it was my first independent exhibition outside of university and as a strong feminist female and feminist artist myself I couldn’t think of a more fitting exhibition to be part of. Also with darts being a community gallery, it allowed the exhibition to be really genuine and hugely supportive. Due to the support from the team I received, I wanted to donate my 3 pieces of work to further their fundraising and help towards future exhibitions.”


We are hugely grateful to Shannon for her kind donation.

Remember – you have until 21 April, so get bidding!