The Point – a great family day out!

We spoke with Jane about her fun family outing to The Point.

We came to The Point because we wanted to inspire and entertain our child. 

We also wanted to show our daughter what’s available in the local community, and what activities she can get involved in outside of school.

We heard about The Point’s family workshops on Facebook, but we also spoke with a friend who had so many positive experiences coming to The Point with her children.

In the workshop, we created big-scale drawings which was something completely different. Our daughter really enjoyed coming to The Point and we’ll definitely be back.

Some families may feel quite shy or apprehensive to walk into somewhere like The Point, particularly if they don’t know what to expect or whether staff will speak languages other than English. 

However, the artists who lead the workshops are really friendly, and I know they’d welcome any family from any background.

We have lots more workshops coming up at The Point for you to enjoy! For the full list of workshops, visit