What is Music Hub?

Doncaster Music Education Hub is a collection of local partners lead jointly by Doncaster Music Service and darts. Our ambition is to provide every child in Doncaster the opportunity to sing and learn a musical instrument, and to perform as an ensemble regardless of race or gender.

The Hub is made up of a collection of partners working together to provide every child in Doncaster with these opportunities, led by Doncaster Music Service, which has over 80 years of experience in music education, and by darts. The Hub also works with other organisations to create a rich tapestry of musical opportunities for the young people in Doncaster.

Music Hub Partners:

Doncaster Music Service
darts (Doncaster Community Arts)
The Amp Awards
Music in the Round
Doncaster Children’s Trust
Right Up Our Street
Yorkshire Youth and Music
Doncaster Children’s University
Doncaster Cultural Education Partnership
Music for Youth
Opera North
National Youth Jazz Association
University Centre Doncaster 
Orchestras Live
Doncaster Youth Alliance
Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust